Duke of Westminsters son lines up a cutie…he is worf abart 10 billion.

Not all of Britain’s aristocracy has been zionized via intermarriage….BUT many of the families have like for example Churchill whose muvver was Jewish…..

The current Duke of Westminster does not look Jewish…but that is by no means a guarantee….According to the Daily Mail this Duke is ‘ead over ‘eels with a raven ‘eaded beauty…wiv the surname of Tomlinson…now this surname can often be a crypto surname….She also has that indefinable “built in tan look”…like the sister and bruvver of Kate Middleton…now they ARE crypto Jews…that fact is easy to establish via their muvvers ancestry.

Put it this way…cutie Tomlinson has that look abart ‘er that suggests a possible middle eastern connection minus sun strike….it is just possible that way back her ancestors shifted to Britain from the Yemen.Jewesses from this area were renown for their cunt control (see Sir Richard Burton’s commentary on this region)

If the Duke gets ‘itched to this dusky cutie don’t be surprised if they have a throwback (see Gregor Mendel and his pea theory of inheritance)…One of their kids (at least) could have way too much melanin …..and… with a penchant for curved daggers and elaborate head dress.




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