Sick Theresa May puts in a promo for multiculturalism while condemning terrorist attack.

The zio-elite lackey does not miss an opportunity …..she mentions an “attack on London where all cultures meet to celebrate diversity and democracy”.

From this statement alone…you can get a pretty good idea of what motivates scum like May.

Let’s get one thing quite clear this terrorist was NOT motivated by any of the bullshit May mentioned….It is all to do with Britain and America going around the world bombing the shit out of Muslim countries….often at the behest of Israel.London’s Muslim mayor who was installed by Mays elite mates,came up with the obligatory comments.(they have also installed a Muslim as mayor of Rotterdam)

You can see how May and the zio-media attempt to control the narrative….in effect they tell the public what to think.

Just keep in mind the mass rapes of English girls by Muslims in multicultural hell holes like Rotherham…here the British government had to be FORCED TO TAKE ACTION….FORCED.

Meantime….more and more invaders arrive on the shores of Britain,week in week out….often May and her scum class in parliament DIRECT THE BRITISH NAVY TO HELP THEM ENTER BRITAIN.

If Britain wants to stop these attacks….they are going to have to elect a politician who will do the bidding of the General public OR assassinate the politicians who deliberately frustrate the public’s wishes….BLAIR…a crypto Jew was one of the chief architects of all this …is guarded around the clock….unfortunately the General public don’t have a government prepared to protect them…that’s only for the elite and their families.Keep in mind that the British media and politicians will seek to under play what has happened…while attempting to manipulate the events to serve their objectives.

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