“The troof of what actually happened on 9/11 is about to be revealed….”

According to A MSM report anyway.

Americans related to the terror attack victims have been given permission to sue the Saudi Arabian government.

More likely permission has been given in order to shut troopers up…The Saudi Arabia’s will fork out large amounts of oil money to Americans which should see them silenced forever…

Meantime the Jews in Israel and the US will get away with their monstrous crime…..BECAUSE THEY DID IT!!….just like they murdered JFK and his brother,just like they murdered over 30 US citizens during the attack on the USS Liberty….

Then there are the idiots who think the Jew Trump is going to change things…he is already sending US troops back to the middle east to fight more wars for Israel…

Only a revolution in America will see the truth revealed about 9/11…..when minority rule in America is overthrown…Minority rule by the Jews.

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