A recipe for Americans and their government.

There are some real cunts in the American government….

Currently one of the leading CUNTS…goes by the name of Lindsay Graham…a US senator…One look at the cunt tells you he is a WIMP and a blowhard…..He will adopt any position which will benefit himself…FIRST.

Look…you don’t muck around with cunts like this….The spineless toady will adopt any position suggested by the hidden elite.Those in power have no respect for sycophants like Graham,but they will feign respect in order to use him.

The Graham Recipe.

One strong ball of twine

A kitchen tea towel

And a firm bench

And one garden hose with attachment to control water pressure.

Place wimp on said bench and tea towel on face…get squirting with hose.

OR:…If pushed for time cut a section of doubled up twine,wrap around sycophants neck and throw twine over nearest rafters and LIFT…..IF you have a Kalashnikov handy…switch to intermittent fire and pull trigger.

All of the above should rapidly solve the problem of sycophantic TOADIES in power.

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