The Candy Brothers London….Thugs Murderers and killers

If you read stuff about Jews in the media….The impression you get is they are a harmless bunch of long suffering victims of “whites” who wouldn’t ‘arm a fly”….

They don’t run criminal gangs in the USA,they don’t bribe politicians,they don’t launch attacks on American warships,they didn’t run bootlegging crime in Chicago,they didn’t steal 50 billion dollars in a ponzi scheme…NICE ‘ARMLESS PEOPLE.

However if you’ve got a functioning brain you are able to realise that it’s all bullshit….

And right out of the mould of ‘armless Jews are the Candy Brothers in London…property magnates AND CRIMINAL FUCKING JEWS…who are thought to have been responsible for the murder of many people who got in their way…including other Jews!.

Currently they are engaged in a court battle with one of their former Jew mates….HOLYOAKE…..and all the dirty washing is coming out….in the process.

They both sport gold digger blondes on their arms….which some neo nazis may object to….although these “blondes” could actually be jewesses…one of them looks a possibility..whatever…they both look like modern day Jewish crime bosses…..UNADULTERATED FILTH.

One of these Jews sports the name “Christian” as his first name…which is blasphemy….The fifteenth Century Spanish knew all about the Jews tricks of adopting false identities…they would have called the Candys “MARRANOS”..meaning pigs…or Nueva Christians…or simply crypto Jews.

They have indirect connections to the Spanish Island of Ibiza….which is a known hotspot of drugs and debauchery…sort of like a modern day Babylon….(The Middletons have some sort of dodgy relative operating there…it figures because they are Jews as well.)

The Spanish threw the Jews out….but they ALWAYS come back once the locals forget about just how bad Jews are.

Holyoke and ‘is missus may be in less danger from these Jew killers because of all the publicity….Since the legal system in London is riddled with Freemasons and is basically overloaded with Jewish corruption,then the outcome of this case may boil down to who is prepared to pay the biggest bribe.

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