Heavily armoured vehicles patrol the streets of London….AFTER terror attack.

The scum at the Mail makes a point of highlighting it all.

So…what is ACTUALLY going on….it has,very little to do with deterring  attacks but EVERYTHING to do with persuading the public that something is being done about the problem.

Put it this way…The problem of terrorism COULD be solved very quickly…The obvious conclusion is…The government does not want to take the necessary steps to fix the problem…AFTER ALL,THEY CAUSED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE BY FLOODING BRITAIN WITH MILLIONS OF ALIEN IMMIGRANTS..and more are arriving every day of the week.

All of this should tell citizens of Britain THEY must take action against the elite…

There WILL be further attacks and more idiots will light candles…they would be better off lighting a bonfire under the elite….THE ELITE WHICH HAS BETRAYED BRITAINS PEOPLE…..to see the country become a dumping ground for some of the worst people in the world and that includes corrupt financial thieves.

Just a year ago Theresa May was backing Britain staying in the EU….today she is backing Britain’s exit….THAT is the measure of Britain’s prime minister…no principles…none.

Most everyone in Britain wants the war criminal Blair ARRESTED….instead the elite bands together to protect him…at huge expense….

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