THE CURRENT POPE IS A MARRANO…have absolutely no doubt about that.

These days he is acting like a politician…going around shooting his mouth off,dressed in upmarket pyjamas.

Noticeable….is his message is ALWAYS in accord with the “New world order message”

He never misses the opportunity to PROMOTE the invasion of Europe by third world invaders….when assessing an individual….you ALWAYS look to see their position on immigration.IF they promote it….THEN you can be absolutely certain they have connections to the “deep state”….will be a Freemason AND very likely to be a crypto Jew.

Tony Blair fits the bill to a TEE….this treacherous fiend should and will be swinging from the nearest lamppost…all it needs for the corrupt elite to be swept away is for the economy to fuck up.The elite know it too…which is why they are buying bolt holes in the South Pacific.

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