British exports are up!.

There’s an article in the Guardian about cannabis farms in Britain….they are now producing so much cannabis that it is being exported to other countries.Turns out that Vietnamese slaves are being brought to Britain to run the farms.

It is examples like this that tell you Britain is headed for collapse…it is all to do with the cumulative effect….these examples alone do not make much difference…..

but when you add them all up……that is when the effect begins to sap the country’s health….

Meantime the media spends all its time being concerned with gender issues and racism….

As previously mentioned the impact of mass alien immigration is not immediately apparent…it takes a couple of generations.

Put it like this….America’s jobs have been offshored for a few decades…only now is the effect of this beginning to hit home….with Americans standard of living continuing to decline.Combine this with widespread drug taking and you have a recipe for social upheaval and societal breakdown and a vast canyon between rich and poor….so that society is beginning to look like something you might find in third world countries….The haves and have nots.

And the government’s do nothing about it….

All British Prime Ministers since the time of Thatcher have promised to do something about immigration….and NONE of them have lifted a finger to control the numbers.On the contrary…each one of them has presided over an INCREASE in immigration.During this time….there has been a huge increase in activity of the secret police (“intelligence services”)….to make sure opponents of the destruction of the identity of western countries…are HEAVILY TARGETED.

Even casual observers of the IDIOT Theresa May….May have noticed something….she has done exactly NOTHING about the problem which caused people in Britain to vote for Brexit….MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION..BOTH LEGAL AND ILLEGAL..

Note:….Pommie police have seen the writing on the wall….many are emigrating to Australia and NZ….another policeman has just been murdered by an individual of immigrant stock…..naturally there are no official figures of just how many police are murdered every year by immigrants….

One thing is for sure….The idiot Theresa May will not last long IF the economy goes down…nor will BLAIR…Blair is only a stock market crash away from being strung up by a mob….

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