China wants to bankroll infrastructure development in NZ…WHATS THE CATCH…

Be assured the elite controlled media won’t be telling NZers what the catch is….BUT YOU CAN HAVE A DAMN GOOD GUESS….

More uncontrolled immigration from China…more importation of suspect Chinese “food”….

The above is MOST LIKELY the objective…The problem is (like in most democracies) there is an elite which no longer represents NZers wishes but rather an undisclosed AGENDA….MOST of the hidden elite are JEWISH…or more accurately crypto Jews.They deliberately do not reveal their ethnicity….to do so would reveal their identity.

IT IS A FUCKING LIBERTY….of which there will be less and less of while theJews who run the media will be telling Kiwis there is more not less freedom.

Keep in mind that the cradle of Western Civilisation GREECE…is currently being over run by hordes of alien peoples…ASSISTED BY THE TREACHEROUS HIJACKED GOVTS OF WESTERN EUROPE…..SCUM LIKE THERESA MAY ,HOLLANDE AND FRAU MERKEL….ALL CRYPTO JEWS.

There is only ONE country in the world not subjected to all this,infact they have laws against it….ISRAEL….not at all surprising since global Jewry is running the invasion.

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