The moronification of NZ TV….

Breakfast tv is the best example of moron tv….

On one channel you have two lightweight twats talking shit about celebrities like Ms PC Piggy Adele…tv1…You get precious little news..but you will get minute examination of sports injuries…usually suffered by Neanderthals in sports like Rugby League….

On the other channel you have tossers like “Duncan Garnet”….who purports to be an ethnic…but who is infact 100% European,most likely with a Jewish admixture.This IDIOT talks shit throughout the 3 hours of the programme.He LOOKS DUMB because he IS dumb…but brims with self confidence…..The self confidence of the stupid person.He would be better employed as a secondhand car salesman.NZers may be concerned about the appalling television in NZ,particularly the dreadful news,which is not actually news.Once the global financial collapse begins in earnest…there will be an open season on fuckwit media cretins…..The citizenry will rejoice as a rope is placed around their necks just after having been given a fair trial..for crimes against humanity …

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