AMERICAN FUCKWIT TV…when a Kalashnikov solution is not enough…

If you are a masochist tune into a programme called “Entertainment Tonite”.

These fucking MORONS document the goings on of Jewish celebrities involved in the entertainment industry.

You wanna know why so many Americans are downright stupid…programmes like ET are part of the explanation….When watching this shit….you can almost hear thousands of American brain cells being short circuited….critical brain cells that are necessary to enable the owner of them to recognise garbage when they see it…

The smiling vacant headed presenters with their pearly white dentist enhanced gnashers…..really deserve a magazine’s worth of hot lead…and as they approach the drawing of their last breath,you can be sure if there was a camera pointed at them…THEY WOULD STILL BE SPORTING AN INANE GRIN CELEBRATING THEIR LAST MOMENTS OF FAME.


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