Melbourne….Australia’s hymie town.

You could say Melbourne is Australia’s version of New York…..that is it is full of JEWS.

Monash University was founded by Jews…General Monash the Australian WW1 General was from here.The Jews used Australian soldiers to drive the Turks out of Palestine in order to pave the way for the establishment of the racist Jewish state of ISRAEL.(The relatives of Australian soldiers killed in Palestine had no idea they had given their lives for….NOT Australia but the Jews…)

Note:The current Prime Minister of Australia is a Jew….who will ALSO seek to use Australian soldiers to fight Jewish wars in the Middle East…

Other Jews in Melbourne include the jewess KIMBRA…who gained fame with the Jewish pop group GOTYE….(Incidently Wikipedia’s explanation as to the origin of the name GOTYE….is total bullshit.)

Jewish organised crime is also present in Melbourne….drugs prostitution etc.

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