NZers May be FORCED TO beat the living crap out of some MPs in parliament

Other Western democracies have experienced all of this already.Take Germany for example…EIGHTY PERCENT OF GERMANS ARE AGAINST FLOODING GERMANY WITH INMIGRANTS.Merkel keeps flooding Germany with immigrants..The media is just not reporting it.

Actually EIGHTY PERCENT of NZers were against the “reform” of laws on homosexuality….GUESS WHAT???….80 PERCENT OF NZers were TOTALLY IGNORED….and the Jewish oligarchy went right ahead and changed the laws….backed up heavily by the NZ Jewish controlled media…

It’s all to do with the proposed Chinese infrastructure projects….

You can see there is trouble ahead by the deliberate obfuscation about what actually is intended….by THE LYING FUCKING CUNTS in parliament…

Watch the next news clip of these cunts going on walk about…and you should notice something…THE GREATLY INCREASED PRESENCE OF PROTECTION THUGS….

Now why would that be you may ask….it’s all to do with IMPOSING policies on NZers whether they like it or not…this breeds some resentment…which is to be found in all western democracies…THE ELITE DO as little as possible to listen to the concerns of everyday NZers….

It is NO LONGER DEMOCRACY but rule by an oligarchy…..mostly unseen.

So it may come to a point where certain MPs will need to be roughed up…in order to remind them to do what they are paid to do….REPRESENT…..

If English is able to bring in THOUSANDS OF MORE CHINESE…he will…Put it this way… English is fair game if he does…it will be open season on him.

The surprise is….so far no leaders of western democracies have been assassinated….all it would take for that to happen is a severe economic shock.As it is Bliar in Britain is living on borrowed time.

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