Theresa May…..playing the double game…as expected…..if you have any clue about the deep state.

The overwhelming majority of people in Britain voted for EU exit because of immigration (more accurately invasion).

Guess what May the clown is not going to cut back on immigrant numbers….

Once again voters in a democracy have been betrayed…..and it’s all to do with the hidden agenda…..

May is trying to cover her inaction up with a whole lot of bullshit….that too is to be expected…..

You can see the same sort of thing in the USA….with Trump.Americans only voted for the crypto Jew because the choice was between bad (Trump) and very bad (Clinton)….essentially no choice at all.Trump has just sent MORE US troops to the Middle East which is precisely what American voters did NOT want.That is more US troops dying in the Middle East for Israel.

Another betrayal…..Trump will be hoping his wall building will provide cover for this betrayal…..

A message to English and his mates in the NZ government….don’t even think about allowing more Chinese immigrants in via a backdoor scheme….like the recent scam about China building infrastructure….Already English and his CRYPTO JEW mates are sailing close to the wind…..


Despite the bodyguard thugs now surrounding cunts like English and his mates….they are entirely vulnerable….therefore it would make good sense to follow the wishes of the NZ public as they are obliged to do in a properly functioning democracy.

It’s like this…in virtually all democracies the invasion of the West continues unabated….The elite wants it…The people do NOT.

Anyone with half a brain can thus figure out there is an elite agenda being implemented whether the public wants it or not…..solution….The assassination of key members of the elite….IF THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION…LETS HEAR IT.You certainly CANNOT expect the media to assist….IT IS OWNED BY THE ELITE.


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