Trump….”we gonna put Americans first”

Translating what he really means.

He is going to put Americans first by placing Americans on the front line of war in the Middle East…..war so that Jews in Israel don’t get killed while fighting the wars the Jews started….

As some demonstrators have stated…”No more wars for Israel”.

ACCORDING TO RECENT REPORTS Trump has just sent 6000 more troops to the Middle East….

But hold on a minute….one of the reasons people voted for Trump was because they are sick and tired of American involvement in PERPETUAL WAR….

By the times Trumps term finishes up…Americans may start to realise that as long as a Jew is president of the USA…then there is NO CHANCE of peace.Revolution may be their only option…..a possibility forseen by Thomas Jefferson.

So the Jewish oligarchy which controls America are currently attempting to dupe Americans using Trump….and there are loads of Americans who have been conned.

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