“Using government money to get rich”

Paul Craig Roberts mentions that “Using government money to get rich” is an old trick in the USA…he then cites the Clintons as an example of this.

When Clinton became president him and his hag zio-wife were worth maybe a million dollars….They now have a net worth of over $120,000,000…..most of that stolen from American taxpayers and bribes from various corporations etc.

Yet STUPID AMERICANS voted for Hillary Clinton …..how dumbass can you be.(Not that her fellow Jew….Trump is any better)

Using government money to get rich in the US may be an old trick in the USA…but it is a new one in NZ.

The rich crypto Jew merchant bankers Fay Richwhite….used the same trick in NZ…they got rich stealing tax payers money in co operation with corrupt members of parliament….it was a heist of the century (20th)….’There were other thefts of course…The NZ Printing Office ended up in the hands of NZs richest man…a Jew…..make that a fucking corrupt thieving Jew.He got given the printing office by corrupt Jews in parliament…then sold it off a short time later…instant profit of 10,000,000.

The NZ Jewish controlled media then CONSTANTLY attacked an honest MP who fought to publicise the gargantuan thefts…Winston Peters.

So NZers have every reason to be very suspicious of things like NZs proposed purchase of military transport aircraft.Keeping in mind the Jew GOFF the current mayor of Auckland is from the era of maximum corruption in NZ…(Incidently…German companies bribed Greek government officials (no problem on that one….Greece is famous for its entrenched corruption) to buy loads of armaments it didn’t need….Greece today is what happens to countries if corruption is not stamped out….it spreads like a virus.

NZers should also be concerned about the FUCKING IDIOTS IN NZ TV.Most of them wouldn’t have the ability to investigate the theft of spare tyres from the staff carpark let alone corporate theft…All the idiots investigate is politically correct issues…FUCKING MORONS.

Just checkout the giggling MORONS on NZ Breakfast TV…..they are like a bunch of kids….

Quite a number of NZers have made MILLIONS as immigration advisors…some are former members of parliament!!.Their scam is to sell out NZs future for THEIR short term gain…this sort of behaviour sits right on the line between legal and illegal…and corruption.(London is full of wealthy corrupt scum from all around the world….that’s because London has become one of the most corrupt cities in Western Europe)

So money stolen from government is a fast track to wealth…..that’s why the price of freedom is eternal vigilance….The MOFO’s need to be watched constantly and not be trusted….and if necessary beaten to a pulp…or shot…..if they go for the corruption option of public service.

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