Telling the troof in a time of universal deceit.

Red Ken Livingstone former mayor of London said Nazis helped Zionists….Now he is in trouble with  Jewish organised crime….meaning the Elders of Zyklon…they have waged a war on him.

The point to note here is that Livingstone was actually telling da troof….a revolutionary act.

BUT….what Livingstone said, ain’t the half of it….He SHOULD have said there were no gas chambers…no Jew soap,no jew lampshades. (Use” Jew soap” to search You Tube)

Jewish Power has enabled the Elders of Zyklon to introduce laws banning free speech in MANY European countries …that is you are not allowed to question Ze holocau$t…..BUT they have not been able to do this in Britain yet.If the fucking idiot Theresa May could get away with it…she would introduce such laws into Britain!!!….to do her mate the chief rabbi a favour.

Meantime Britain continues to decline…The Church of England has become a laughing stock for real Christians in Britain….The ones that have not been corrupted by political correctness.Ironically the Russian Orthodox church which withstood 70 years of oppression by Jewish inspired communism,is making a comeback and is stronger than ever.

A former Anglican,COE priest in Kent (he has retired) is proposing to marry a 24 year old  Romanian gypsy fudgepacker.The COE pervert is 78 years old……AND he gets away with it.

The Daily Mail…likes to put up such articles as clickbait….because the Mail knows it offends so many people….NOT because the Mail cares about the issue,one way or another.(The Mail held a staff party at a nightclub featuring a giant vagina…)you got that sort of thing in Ancient Rome…just before Rome went into an unrecoverable nose dive….similar to crashed planes often seen in the pages of the Mail…..The Mail loves plane crashes…and aviation in general….particularly incidents involving passengers WHILE THE AIRCRAFT WAS IN THE FLIGHT!!.

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