Scarlett Johanstein movie star and crypto Jew.

You don’t even have to check Wikipedia to know that Johanstein is a JEWESS..after all she is a movie star and all movie stars are Jews….and that includes the supposed anti-Semitic Catholic Melvin Gibson.Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade was nicely time for the Jews butchery in Gaza.Before you knew it Gibson’s bullshit was splashed across the media worldwide…”Jews suffering persecution again”…..meantime in the real world the Jewish fiends in Israel are burning Palestinians alive with white phosphorus…they killed over two thousand this time.

Turns out the zio-cow Johanstein has had involvement in businesses located in the occupied West Bank…..

The handy thing about Johansteen is…she does not look Jewish….her mother is a full blown ashkenazic jewess.If Johansteen looked like Golda Mayer or Bella Abzug the two well known zio-hermaphrodites…then the public might suspect she is actually a jewess…..

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