ANOTHER THIRD WORLD disease outbreak in NZ….

Like the massive housing shortage in Auckland…..The CAUSE of the outbreak of TYPHOID will NOT BE MENTIONED BY THE JEWISH CONTROLLED MEDIA.

Most informed NZers will know the origin of this outbreak…disease carriers from the third world…

So WHY does the media REFUSE to fully report stories like this?.

It is all to do with maintaining  the fiction that multiculturalism is a good thing…when infact the negatives hugely outweigh any supposed benefits.

Any suggestions as to what to do about this….that is…when the elite refuses to listen to the voters….because of a hidden agenda….how about infecting the elites families with disease….OK that is an exaggeration…but you get the picture…IF THEIR FAMILIES WERE CONTRACTING THESE DISEASES THEN YOU CAN BE SURE THAT SOMETHING WOULD BE DONE ABOUT IT.But they live in splendid isolation well away from all the problems caused by THEIR agenda….




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