Britain where the average Pom gets taken to the cleaners.

Nothing could highlight the above better than the fuel prices….virtually the HIGHEST in the world.

So what is going on here.It’s the tax on the fuel plus retailers markups….You’ll notice that the media does not make a big issue of it….but they will make noise about such important things like the Jewish couple Mr and Mrs Beckheim.

Essentially the ruling class in Britain does not give a shit about the people living in Britain,where as the ruling classes in other European countries have a greater sense of national identity…..

In Britain the average person is there to be exploited with the full agreement of the ruling class….it is all rather disgusting really….

Poms never seem to be too bothered about it though…whereas the French government is scared of the people taking action….which is how it should be.

Another Windsor story is in order…Kate Middlestein opening an immigration centre perhaps..

There is no need for fuel prices being the highest in the world…except it is what you expect in RIPOFF BRITAIN…prices may even escalate further once Britain is out of the EU.

Obviously Britain is in dire need of a revolution….

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