Jewish created trash in Britain….

The Jewish edited and owned newspapers in London are full of trash…..

And it seems the British public can’t get enough of it….Sometimes The Sun and Daily Mail have “double trash” photographs….a paparazzi will wait outside a trash celebrity house for the celebrity to wheel out their….trash on rubbish collection day.

Actually rubbish or trash collection…or lack of it….is a good way to describe what is happening in Britain….The gaps between collection days are growing every year as cash strapped councils attempt to save money….most likely the 1% areas have no problems with this stuff.

You really could not find a better example of trash…than the ex Spice Goyls….this pop group was of course founded and run by Jews.Of course the newspapers fawn over them but they’re trash of course….Some are trashier than others….”Mel B” for example,hangs out with black underworld figures and for a bank heist she gets a black American comedian to inseminate her…well worth it (What company would hire trash like this to front their advertising…well Weight Watchers® of course….owned by tribe members).since he is very rich.In a decent society trash like mal b would not be given the time of day….But the trash is also good for the Jews on another level….marketing multiculturalism……Not only do the jewspapers market trash like the spice girls….The TRASH…The Windsorsteins get an airing in the Daily Mail…daily…..these billionaire scumbags are the ones who used to have Saville,the most perverted jew in British history….around for tea and scones on a regular basis…..

Jewish Power minority rule (like South Africa in the apartheid era…it is all about race) has never been overthrown by appealing to the ruling class to protect the ordinary people….but by ordinary people forcing the ruling class to take action.So third world immigration into Britain will CONTINUE….no matter what Cameron,Blair or May say they are going to do about it….THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF STOPPING THE INVASION….infact they deliberately install the invaders into top positions….which is why the major European cities like London and Rotterdam have Muslims as mayors.

Theresa Mays visit to the Chief Rabbis house just before taking up the job as PM….tells you all you need to know about May.May is a crypto Jew of course…like Trump in the USA,Merkel in Germany and Hollande in France.The Jews also kindly provide the opposition to their own policies…like the garralous moron Farage.He is very careful to say..he is not opposed to immigration…thus controlling the narrative.Obviously not all people in Britain are conned by this arseole…..but most are.When treacherous individuals like May are assassinated…it could mark the beginning of the move toward Britain regaining control of its country…It is all going to be very nasty should that happen…The Jews will then flee a country in turmoil…and start the whole business again in another country….maybe China….

Incidently Kiwis should be aware that the Jews are inflicting the same immigration racket on New Zealand…and Australia.

It is just possible that the Spice girl Mel B is part Jewish….unlike Victoria Beckheim who is 100% Jewish….One thing is for sure….MI5…..The British Secret Police is headed up by a crypto Jew (Parker)….now here is a coincidence for you….all Parkers predecessors have also been Jews………People in Britain need to be aware that they will be unmercifully targeted by Parker if they are interested in regaining control over their own country (see Jews and the NKVD in Russia post 1917)….Parker is infact an enforcer of the destruction of British identity via mass alien immigration.

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