NZ police to become more ethical……

A ten year review has just taken place…The objective….to make NZ police more effical.

It’s all nonsense of course…essentially it’s about politically correct stuff….”stuff” that the media is likely to get hold of….The rest of it you can forget about.

In all democracies the police attitude toward the public is getting WORSE.The United States is where it is most obvious..The US is without doubt,a police state.Only if you have plenty of money will you get something approaching justice….You can find you tube videos where US police routinely abuse citizens rights…essentially what they rely on is ignorance of the law..sometimes they make a mistake and start harassing a lawyer (usually involving some supposed traffic offence.)…

The best advice to any NZer is not to,under ANY circumstances speak to the police….If you do witness a crime taking place…report it anonymously via the net….otherwise you risk being regarded as a suspect….

What is ACTUALLY taking place in NZ is the police are now abusing the rights of middle class people…rather than the criminal class…which is the primary reason they are holding these fake investigations into ethics…You’ll also notice that wealthy influential people get special treatment.For example..The current Prime Minister English was caught stealing money via fake expenses claims….was he prosecuted?…’You must be fucking JOKING!.

The CRIMINALS Fay Richwhite the merchant bankers STOLE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS…got off that one…no worries mate.Although they were forced to hand back 20 million of it….peanuts.

There are some top lawyers involved in drug dealing in NZ….but they get away with it….

In Britain nationalists…that is people objecting to the country being inundated with third world invaders get “special attention” from the police and secret police…because they are ,”interfering” with government agendas…this exactly the sort of thing you find in totalitarian countries.

If you haven’t broken the law but would like to knock out a cop and only get a fine….there are a number of steps you have to take.

First buy  a lottery ticket and win the top prize….this gives you the required amount of money to start proceedings.

Join the Freemasons as an insurance policy.

Now proceed to knockout.

Hire very expensive lawyers with Masonic connections if possible.

Pay off knocked out cop with a large undisclosed amount of money…plus your big fine of course.

Walk out of courtroom…free as a bird.

**Note…your chances of getting “justice” without lots of money are about the same as winning the first prize…remote.

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