Spain making noises over Gibraltar….

This could be one of those artificial crisis….Anyway Spain is in no position to complain…it has its own enclave in North Africa…Ceuta.

Take for example the Falklands war.At the time it benefited the Argentine …ruling elites who were running the general’s….Nationalist causes are always a good way of launching a war,keeps the proles occupied.

Not only did the Argentine junta benefit but also…Thatcher….had there been no war it was very unlikely that Thatchler would have been re elected.The country rallied around Thatchler and the rest is ‘history…

Ultimately losing the war cost the junta power.

Would the elites stoop to such behaviour….most likely.

Currently the biggest threat to the world is the Jews intention to go in for another land grab…probably as far as the Litani River in Lebanon…for the water.

First the Jews have to depict Israel as the ”armless” peaceniks valiantly defending itself against the odds….then start another war up.


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