$100,000 and you get the contract….no worries mate.

Currently the leader of the opposition in NZ is being sued for suggesting two rich cunts who made a one hundred thousand donation to the NZ National Party got a contract (on the island of Nuie) because of the donation.

You have some sympathy for the couple…because if they win the court action the hubby will be able to afford a new wig….his current one looks like one of those squashed hedgehogs you see on the road.

Did they get the contract as a result of their donation…..OF COURSE THEY DID!.

Their protestations of innocence would make the average fool believe butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths…

If they win the case…it will be ANOTHER example of corruption going unpunished in NZ…..The next step should be to subject the NZ National Party to close examination….This won’t happen because the NZ MEDIA IS SO FUCKING USELESS….who no longer perform their proper function in a democracy….one of which is to unearth corruption where ever it occurs.

PROBLEM…CEO’s of the big media companies will have close connections to The National Party…and will routinely meet with them at social functions….

Buying influence in Washington by “donations” is one of the reasons Washington is known as the swamp..and today corruption is very widespread….The place reeks of corruption and everyone KNOWS IT.

NOTE:….The NZ MP…Winston Peters unearthed massive corruption in NZ with the Fay Richwhite gigantic heist of NZers assets.

Guess what….THE FUCKING MEDIA CUNTS…..never missed an opportunity to belittle Peters and his claims….lo and behold,we find out he was correct….at least,thanks to Peters,NZers got back 20 million from the Jewish thieves.

The media presstitutes are still targeting Peters…today…but they have had to tone it down…..because the media scum are now rightly held in contempt by many people….in other words they have been found out.

Keep in mind….that this stuff is very likely to be the tip of the iceberg…The corruption in the Immigration dept and Fisheries dept is LEGENDARY…but nothing is ever done about it.

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