Everyone hates the media….

With good reason…..The “media” no longer acts as the Fourth Estate…rather the media is full of toadies,sycophantic lightweights,politically correct,idiotic cunts.

In NZ you could not find a better example of all this than the fuckwits who front TV3’s morning programme.

Example….Some cunt is saying he “cannot find any NZers who will work for 25 dollars an hour doing concrete work”…..he wants to use third world Labour.

The politically correct wankers on TV3…on one hand promote third world invasion by castigating NZers for not working for 25 an hour…THIS is a common theme in Britain “we need immigration”.

The very important point to make here is…these media scum are paid HUGE amounts of money…which is how the term “presstitutes” came about….

It is virtually never mentioned that the employer should pay more money for wages…..it is ALWAYS THE FAULT OF THE EMPLOYEES.

You could enlarge the point…by saying “why not import employees from sub Saharan Africa….after all they will work for a couple of dollars…a day and they won’t make any complaints”‘

So you COULD import millions of third world people…to work for a pittance…after all “NZers won’t do the work”….In these circumstances the 1% increase their wealth ten fold….but your country is fucked in the process.This is precisely what has happened in the USA…Trump….The fucking jerk..was only voted into office because Americans are so pissed off…they had no choice on election day…they could vote for Clinton a corrupt Jew or they could vote for Trump a corrupt Jew.

The filth in the media will do and say anything as long as they continue to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay…..

Most of all the trash on TV3 are a bunch of TOSSERS….who would be better suited to selling second hand cars rather than pretending to act as a public watchdog to ensure politicians do their fucking job…..REPRESENTING the people who put them in parliament.

Now let’s see….The TOSSERS on TV3 work three hours a day,five days a week @ 25 dollars an hour….that equals..around $375 a week…..Infact they will be paid…maybe $1000 an hour…perhaps more.Judith Bailey worked a couple of hours a day and was paid EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR!!!

So the cunts on TV3. Run down NZers who won’t work for 25 dollars an hour WITHOUT DISCLOSING HOW MUCH THEY “EARN” an hour…..sitting on their fucking arses talking politically correct celebrity Laden garbage…..

It really is a fucking damn liberty.

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