Trump now reckons Merkel is good…

Over the next four years many Americans are going to realise they have been duped again….just like Obama with his change bullshit.

All of it entirely predictable once you are aware of Trumps ethnicity…JEWISH.He is your classic crypto Jew….

Arrest Hillary he reckoned while campaigning….sensible people realised he was bullshitting then as he is now.All the elites…most,if not all, are Jews…are all interconnected and support each other….but have to convince voters they are not….this requires lies and manipulation of public opinion.

The “no handshakey” routine with Merkel and Trump was a simple deception….as a number of websites pointed out.

Trump is an idiotic dirtbag…who has only survived numerous business failures because he is protected by his Jew mates.

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