Watch how British “justice” operates.

In a democracy…a real one that is…all people are treated equally before the law…..There is no room for political considerations when the time comes for sentencing….

Some scumbags attacked an illegal immigrant….what the Jewish controlled media would call “refugee”.

The scumbags….this time in the British parliament…..went absolutely mad with comments about the assault.These are the very same cunts who remained silent over the English girls being raped and assaulted by immigrants in places like Rotherham…….

NOTE:It is a fact that the BBC,Daily Mail and Guardian are largely staffed by Jews…certainly all the senior positions.This situation has come about via a racist employment policy favouring Jews.

Right…once these criminals are in court….they are NOT going to receive a fair trial….not a fucking chance.What they WILL get is a show trial…The sort of thing you find in totalitarian countries….The whole thing will have an overt political nature to it all.

If the scumbags do not receive a fair trial…and sentencing…obviously the judge needs to be “focussed on”…he will probably be a Freemason anyway and it’s open season on these anti democratic SOBs.

There was a case in the USA just recently where some hooligans did the same sort of thing….Some of them received sentences that were way way over the top…approaching 30 years!!..This example is reminiscent of the sort of thing that happened in the former USSR….with the Gulags.GROSS VIOLATION of human rights in pursuit of a political agenda.Americans need to think about doing something about this….thanks to the foresight of people like Thomas Jefferson….Americans are able to protect themselves from the Jewish controlled American government….with armaments…Russians were unable to protect themselves from Jewish controlled Soviet apparatus…..millions died as a result.

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