Cooking with political correctness in Airstrip One.

The Daily Mail likes to run down political correctness…..but this stuff is only for consumption by the dimwitted…..The Daily Mail is packed to the rafters with Jewish “journalists”…

‘eres ow they do it guvna……

Currently the zio-mail is running some shit about another fucking cooking show (the usual rubbish)…this one features a Susanna Reid (probable CRYPTO JEW)….. This article is ACTUALLY employed to show poms the perfect couple…well they MUST be the perfect couple since the mail and other Jewish owned media CONSTANTLY depict this type of couple….An English woman with the compulsory blonde hair and a husband of indeterminate origins with a high quotient of melanin…i.e….boot-polishy.PERFECT.

The Jews who produce NZs only soap opera (not to be confused with Jewish Soap….The Zionist atrocity propaganda) Shortland Street… depict this sort of thing…all the time.

This Jewish produced propaganda is now a constant across the board…you’ll find it popping up in a wide variety of tv programmes.

Kate ‘opkins the courageous Jewish journalist who rails against Muslims has just had another article published about terrorism…contrasting the reaction to the parliament terrorist attack to the one carried out in Russia…..but hold on a minute…..within the article she squeezes in some zionist/jewish propaganda….citing Netanyahoo as a great leader who is prepared to stand up to “terrorism”…..what an absurd attempt to justify the unjustifiable…Has the Zio-COW seen the photographs of the white phosphorous bombs exploding in Gaza?.

OK….for a reality check…check out the infamous Barbara Spectre video on You Tube….here you get the real deal on WHO is actually responsible for the alien invasion into Europe….The JEWS..that’s who.

Saying Israel is prepared to “stand up to Muslim terrorism” seems to be a new Jewish propaganda trick….so Israel’s problem with Muslim terrorists has now become Europe’s problem….perfect..

The Mail also likes to refer to the idiot Theresa May…as…”The Vicars Daughter”….When infact she is a Marrano….which perhaps explains why third world invaders keep pouring into Britain without let or hindrance.NOTE…Kate Moss the crypto Jewish model got married in a church…it does not mean anything.Rupert Murdoch the multi billionaire got married in a church to the famous model Jerry Hall….BOTH of them are JEWS…have absolutely NO doubt about that.Hook nosed Theresa May is a Jewess.



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