NZ Jewish judge PUNISHES immigration scam….BRUTAL

A Filipino made large amounts of money scamming other Filipinos…charging them 2000 dollars for work visas etc….

The Jewish judge gave her a year’s house arrest for the crime….A FUCKING JOKE….The Filipino criminal was not deported nor were the illegal workers she brought into NZ….they are working on farms on the absolute minimum wage….and the already wealthy dairy farmers are getting richer in the process.

NZers are having their heritage destroyed by the crypto Jewish elite…naturally the NZ chief Justice is a Jew.

NOTE…Multiculturalism is a Jewish strategy that works….they are able to pit different groups against each other via the media they control.

This divide and rule strategy has been very effective for the Jews in the Middle East.The news reports stating that the CIA (which has a Jew at the head of it) and the mossad  are financing radical groups and running them is a FACT NOT A conspiracy theory.

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