TRUMP:”My attitude toward Syria has changed”….of course it has…Trump is a Jew.

So it looks like the horrific gas attack was carried out by the Mossad/CIA duo.

None of this should come as a surprise…to anyone familiar with the Jewish cabal which TOTALLY controls the US and Britain.

Right from the outset The Jew Trump was going to betray American voters…just like the black Jew Obama….only this time more deception us required….Trump is the reluctant participant…..LIKE FUCK HE IS.

Trump is putting more troops into Syria…..but hold on a minute…he was going to be the new broom which sweeps clean.All bullshit of course…you’ll notice the corrupt jewess Hillary Clinton is still at large…there never was any intention of “lockin’ her up”.

The bigger picture….The global Jewish cabal fully intend to occupy Syria in pursuit of the “greater Israel plan”.But of course they cannot do it all in one has to be done by increment.Therefore look for Syria to be broken up into smaller “countries”…The shifting of huge numbers of Syrians and other ethnicities into Europe is a way of depopulating the country….most likely they will eventually use biological weapons against Syria….to further the depopulation.All the time they will be duping Western Countries with their usual array of lies…..LIES that Trump employed to get elected.Britain has its own GRAND LIAR….Theresa May….who has done nothing to halt the invasion of Britain….NOTHING!!!.There is a reason for that….she too is a crypto Jew…just like Trump…The Jewish cabal which is destroying Britain has just got her official car up_armoured no doubt because the Jew who controls the British Secret Police (Parker) has warned of the “mutterings of discontent within Britain”.

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