CADBURY….employs pop star to boost sales.

They’ve just hired the ex famous zio pop star Barry Manilow to promote their range of fudge novelties.

Barry Manistein has just come out of the closet….and much to everyone’s amazement he has declared himself to be a full-time fudgepacker.Quelle surprise!.

Not coincidental to all this is the fact that Barrys “star” faded years ago and record sales have plummeted into a black hole…leaving the Jewish fudgepacker in trouble….he now performs in Las Vegas…The famous gambling town founded by Jewish organised crime….he is about to release a new recording…….hence the publicity about Barry and his penchant for deviant sex….which thanks to the Jews who control the Wests media is increasingly accepted as normal behaviour.

Interestingly….in the Guardians list of most read articles,the one about Manilow is right at the top……figures,London is after all a modern Sod’im & Gomorrah……The numbers of homosexuals has increased exponentially…..Ancient Rome ain’t the ‘alf of it….

One of the characteristics of a society in decline….throughout history ….is the greatly increased incidence of bizarre sexual practices….

Obviously Britain  needs a revolution ASAP….so that the absolutely corrupt ruling class can be swept away.One immediate benefit would be the absence of stupified drug takers on the street…The drug dealers would be wiped out… how the Philippines greatly benefits from just this sort of action….but don’t expect the Guardian to report it..

IF THE IMMEDIATE POST WAR GENERATION COULD PICTURE BRITAIN TODAY THEY SIMPLY WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT…..nor would they believe a useless hooked nosed idiot could ever become prime minister.

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