NZers need to be ultra vigilant….

Gumboots English has already proven he is NOT to be trusted….see expenses scandal….

The proposed Chinese infrastructure deal will not benefit NZers….The Chinese will bring Chinese workers to build it….and guess what….they’ll never leave.

A very few NZers will benefit from selling off NZers heritage….in particular their bank accounts….most likely located in Switzerland like the financial crook and swindler Mike “the kike” Fay did a few years back.

So the scum in parliament will attempt to finesse this by not quite lying but through leaving out crucial facts…lying by omission.

Don’t expect the media cunts to do their job….REMEMBER…these cunts pilloried the MP Winston Peters when he exposed the “wine box affair”….Even after he was proven correct they still had a go at him….The MOST likely reason being…The senior executives of the media companies were “got at”…perhaps the are fucking Freemasons…who knows.

If English and his mates does the dirty on NZers….it’s Kalashnikov time…for the MOFOs along with the garbage media executives…..The ones who have turned NZ TV into a facsimile of the WORST TV IN THE WORLD….American tv.

And here’s an example….

Madame Secretary….runs a story about a Christian cult in the USA which cooperates with ISIS to build a bomb…it is so preposterous you laugh EXCEPT there are a WHOLE load of dumbed down Americans who will take this shit on board.

A storyline like this could prepare Americans to accept the possibility of another Waco massacre….where 100 Americans minding their own business were massacred by the American Jewish occupied government.

This poisonous SHITE should not be screened in NZ WITHOUT a warning preceding it…..THIS IS AMERICAN FICTION WHICH BEARS NO RELATIONSHIP WITH THE TRUTH.(warning there is one Jewish actor playing a Muslim who bears a startling resemblance to a racist golliwog)

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