The mean streets of London…..The Victorian era X 10

The new factor is of course….The invasion of Britain by the third world…fully licenced and encouraged by the totally corrupt ruling elite.It is NOT a coincidence that Britain has the most able secret police in Europe,possibly the world.The secret police are “necessary” in order to see off any threat to the corrupted elites wealth and privilege.Any movement which arises which may pose a threat is quickly infiltrated and disrupted….so the upper classes can continue to snort amazing amounts of cocaine…some of them even die in the process…and of course amazingly expensive bottles of Dom Perignon are knocked back like sparkling mineral water…..on special at TESCOs.The crypto Jew Richard Branstein is known for drug consumption (he is currently taking legal action against the NHS)

I got a shock one day probably around ten years back…..when on the way to the NZ High Commission in London (the building is now leased having been sold off…this sale was VERY LIKELY part of the wave of CORRUPTION that NZ suffered…when assets were sold off cheaply to high powered Jews).There’s a back alley which leads to the back of the High Commission….a high rise building was undergoing renovation….and at the base of it were a couple of those small tents….turned out these tents were the homes of two labourers working on the building!!!!.They seemed to be Eastern European (Trump the dirty fucking JEW used labour like this to build his tower blocks)

You might wonder why the authorities did not step in  and put a stop to this third world style exploitation…The simple explanation is THAT ALL SUCH GOVERNMENT BODIES ARE UNDER SUCH STRESS THAT LAWS CAN ONLY BE BACKED UP ON RARE OCCASIONS….they are barely functioning…The HUGE influx (invasion) of immigrants has put all government departments under massive pressure,so much so that they barely work….it is only a matter of time before it all implodes….none of this stuff is reported by the media.

So all the advances made by Britain on the social front are being lost….The country is reverting to an oligarchy style arrangement…while the rich bathe in unimaginable luxury a vast number of people eke out a bleak existence…and like in 1984…..The media has become a factory of LIES….

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