Hyper greasy Jew,David Badiel spouts the usual BS.

This strategy is an old favourite amongst the Jews….creating an artificial controversy then working it for all it is worth.

It concerns Red Ken Livingsteins comments about Nazi cooperation with the Zionists.

Let’s get one thing straight Livingstone is a Jew,just like hyper greasy Baddiel.As usual Jews are running both sides of the argument.As they say in Hollywood,any publicity is good publicity…..

What Livingstone said is not even HALF the story.Take Eichmann for example….he is touted by Israhell as the very epitome of evil….it’s all bullshit of course,Eichmann was a crypto Jew….and he even looked the part.He was used by Jews incorporated as part of their suffering publicity in the sixties.The hunt for the Nazi Eichmann was BIG news in the sixties…..and his trial too.The six million gas chambers bullshit was only getting started at this point…it was turned into a multi billion dollar industry and used to extract money from Germany and America.If you wrote a response to Baddiels article in the Jewish owned and edited Guardian…about Magda Goebbels close association with leading Zionist Jews…it is very doubtful it would ever get past their Jewish censors……

As if the greasy Baddiel does not know about Jewish Power and influence….so he is deliberately playing the innocent aggrieved jew…who knows nuffink about nuffink….See the INFAMOUS Jewish Soap you tube video…where a Jewish crone claims to have been washed by soap made out of her relatives!!!!.

In a balanced comment on this article,you would give Baddiel a fair hearing,there are some points in his favour,one of which is his hyper greasiness….he would make the ideal candidate for a boutique range of Palmolive soap.

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