Prince Charles zio promo story in MAIL.

The editor of the Daily Mail is a crypto Jew and is also supposed to be a complete cunt toward his employees.

The Mail is FOREVER running holocau$t promo articles…..and related stuff….so much so that you can safely assume it is Zio propaganda….they overdo it.

The latest one concerns the family of Pwince Charles father…The duke of Edinburgh (take a look at a recent photo of the duke….Notice those black rings around his eyes…..CREEPY….May Icke is right…he IS A lizard.)

The Mail states that the Dukes family took in a family of Jews escaping the Nazis…..Since the Windsors are DEFINITELY CRYPTO Jews…they were obviously helping one if their own tribe.Take a look at Pippa Middleton…she SHOULD be marrying in a synagogue….this is where the Spanish word “Nueva Christian” comes from…crypto JEWS pretending to be Christians.

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