Daily Mail….a weird absence of any mention of Israel in the comments section.

Given the almost universal condemnation of the racist state of ISRAEL…you would expect that there would be quite a bit of criticism of Israel in the Daily Mail comments…strangely you only get the occasional mild criticism of the racist state….so what is going on here?……

No worries…this is an easy one to answer…..The Daily Mail is undertaking broad censorship of its readers comments concerning Israel.

But hold on a minute…..The Daily Mail is supposed to be “right wing”. Sorry..but it’s reputation for right wingeee stuff is just more nonsense.

Well hold on a minute….what about its support of Hitler leading up to WW2…Put it this way….If you were a scary Aryan promoting Aryan superman stuff…..as seen in the 36 Berlin Olympics posters (with hulahoops and blonde hair etc)…would YOU be pleased about having a propaganda minister with jet black hair,a slight stature….and wait for it…a congenital birth defect….a club foot….who looked Jewish…..Well actually Goebbels WAS Jewish…so the Daily Mail with its Jewish editor makes perfect sense…..chumming up with Nazis before WW2…makes sense.

Actually the Daily Mail keeps running the same articles over and over…which fulfils the definition of propaganda.Holocau$t related stories keep popping up,as do good Samaritan stories about non Jews rescuing Jews in WW2 (hint hint)…Anne Frank stories are routine…so are stories about black slavery….strangely missing with these ones is any mention of the substantial role played by Jews in the slave trade.

The Daily Mail is the fakiest fake fake of the British press….it is MORE duplicitous than the Guardian…at least with the Guardian it DOES mention they have censored readers comment although they use the Orwellian style excuse “does not conform with community standards” (make that Jewish community standards)

It is possible the crypto Jew who edits the rag is going to lose money following Britain’s exit from the EU….apparently the cunt has availed himself of loads of subsidies from the EU….he owns large blocks of land in the north of Britain…

You would think Private Eye would do an exposĂ© on ‘im…..

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