Has Trump “sold out to the Zionists”

This is a current theme with the alternative media….As an explanation for Trump carrying on the war mongering of his predecessor Obama.

NO!…..he has not sold out at all….This was the plan all along….The reluctant president.Trump was bought and paid for right from the start.

Remember BOTH candidates at the last election were Jews….BOTH OF THEM..and not by chance either.Just the situation found at the last British and French elections.

The “new broom” Trump was just another Jewish deception in a long line of deceptions.Only occasionally are the deceptions revealed….The JEWS attack on the USS Liberty was an ATTEMPTED deception which failed….because the intention was to blame Egypt for the attack.Covered up by Jews like the father of John McCain….McCain is carrying on where his father left off…betraying the country he lives in….America.

Trump is a CORRUPT JEW….a fake and a charlatan.Only Americans would buy the bullshit Trumps sells….It is all going to happen again at the next American presidential election….two fakes put up by the Jews to run against each other in a faux election….stand by for an American jewess to be one of the candidates…..unless of course a state of emergency has not been declared in America by then.

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