MOSSAD killer Jews run Isis…

That’s what many sources say on the net….and it is very likely to be true.One of the Jews common strategies is to run their own enemies…..a very effective strategy it goes without saying.

Not only are they running the Jew Trump… is almost too obvious to say…BUT they are also running Putin…both Trump and Putin are crypto Jews….in the case of TRUMP it could not be more obvious.

As previously stated…The objective of both Trump and Putin is to keep the killing ticking over in Syria….So Putin shows up in the nick of time to save Assads forces being over run….then leaves town once Assads forces and Isis are again more equally matched….so the Syrian nation can be ground down through constant attrition…on both sides…..ultimately leading to the destruction of the whole country…beaten down into the ground exhausted by constant warfare.

Don’t believe that….well how about checking out an Arthur Kemp…a former South African living in Britain who was associated with the BNP.

FIRST TAKE A LOOK AT A PHOTOGRAPH OF KEMP ON THE INTERNET….even an amateur may be able to see that he is a JEW.To back up that assertion is the fact that KEMP is a Jewish surname.

So it is very likely indeed that KEMP works for either MI5 OR mossad.

This example of the Jews strategy of running their own enemy is more easily understood….than essentially the same strategy employed by the Jews in the Middle East.

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