What ethnicity is the UK Foreign Secretary?.

STUPID QUESTION:He is a Jew of course,or more accurately,a crypto Jew.

There is some disinformation on the net which goes for the “limited hangout” technique….That is Boris Johnson has some vague connections to Jewry…Johnson is infact 101% Jewish.He used to be the mayor of London….(NZs biggest city,Auckland also has a Jewish mayor…GOFF…how long will it be before the Jews install an immigrant as mayor of Auckland…that is what has happened in European cities like Rotterdam and London.This is NOT a coincidence…..Jews regained entrance into England via Holland….involving Cromwell who was very likely to have been a crypto Jew.Cromwell was responsible for massacres  in Ireland.)

Despite the stuff you read about the mayor of London (former) Livingstone…he too is a Jew.The mayor of New York is ALWAYS a Jew.

Boris Johnson is ideally situated to influence events in the Middle East…in the service of Israel of course.So too is the fraud Theresa May….although the Mail keeps telling its readers that May is “a Vicars daughter”….keep in mind that John Kerry is a “CATHOLIC”….like Madeline Albright…….NOT.

Theresa Mays snout should give the game away….which the Jewish controlled media now avoids photographing in profile.

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