Windbag Farage caught out by question….his reaction tells you all you need to know about Nigel.

An interviewer asks Farage why the liberal elite would encourage immigration of Muslims who hold polar opposite views to them….

Farage hesitates…then goes onto fudge wildly attempting to explain the inexplicable…..BUT….as most sensible people the pro immigration views of liberals has NOTHING to do with liberalism or anything like it…It is Global Jews (like Soros) breaking up the ethnic identity of Western nations greatly facilitating the exercise of Jewish Power…..

So without a shred of doubt the voluble Farage is an authorised rebel.There is a good chance he has a close association with the intelligence services.

The same can be said of Katy Hopkins,who is Jewish…..her previous association with “military intelligence” in the British army suggests she too is working for MI5/MI6….in some way or another.

Many people have noted that the British press usually have a few “spooks” on their staff…..spooks being a euphemism for Complete Cunts.

Incidently “Nigel” is more often that not a name possessed by Jews.Nigels perma tan is another factor.

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