Guess what….THEY ARE ALL JEWS…The whole job lot of them.

Some however disguise the fact they are Jews which is not an uncommon practice…..sort of like the richest man in the world Bill Gates….he is a Jew,have no doubt about that.

One of them……”Sir Doug Meyers” has just croaked….despite the fact he was able to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for special medicines.

Keep in mind that there was a NZ teenage girl with cancer who was forced to live in a car….until the media took up her case….after that housing was made available….Meantime the Jewish cabal which controls NZ has brought in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS to provide cheap Labour to run the Jewish oligarchs businesses.

The most corrupt jew in NZ Cur Michael Fay…who is a Catholic MARRANO holds the number ten position of the top ten.

These oligarchs are the REAL rulers of NZ…The MPs in parliament are their lackeys….people like Bill English and “Sir” Roger Douglas….do their bidding.

Sorry kiwis democracy is an illusion…these rich Jews control all the political parties…….while the MAJORITY of NZers want third world immigration stopped…The top Jews don’t…While the MAJORITY of NZers did not want homosexuality or same sex marriage…..these Jewish despots do…so tough shit for NZers.

These Jews use NZ soldiers in the Middle East to protect Israel….it is better for their tribe if NZers are killed and maimed rather than Jews in Israel.

These JEW cunts are also responsible…indirectly of course…for the shit I have got from the NZ Police…

If you want to know how the Jewish directors of Hanover finance got away with taking NZers for tens of millions of dollars….WITHOUT being sent to jail…The above is the answer….The same applies to the crypto Jewish merchant bankers Fay Richwhite…they stole HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from NZers which involved the corruption of bent members of parliament….to facilitate….THE GREATEST THEFT IN NZs HISTORY…AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT!!.(bar a miserable 20 million they were FORCED to hand back.)

To consolidate their grip on power…The media is in their hands…thus negating the role of the fourth estate in a democracy.

The Chief Justice is a Jew….of course.

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