America’s collapsing infrastructure…what the hell is going on??.

Apparently dams are one of the main areas of concern right now…

But hold on a minute….America is a first world country,you wouldn’t expect this situation….

The answer is straightforward….America is corrupt..but you are not talking about the average middle class American…The corruption is at the top….For example…Madoff the Jew stole 60 billion dollars ….

Rather than giving billions of dollars to Israel every year,a country with a higher per capita income than America..<<<<The government in the US >>>> should be using the money to build America’s infrastructure rather than Israel’s…but doesn’t because the govt is corrupt.

The American govt has just spent 90 million dollars firing off missiles worth 1.5 million dollars EACH…This money could have been better spent revitalizing Detroit’s city centre….just for example.

And if Americans think the moronic oaf Trump is going to change things,they are kidding themselves…he is a Jew….just like Madoff.

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