British Vogue magazine appoints black editor…

According to the Daily Mail the new coal black editor of Vogue wants to end “the whiteout of models on the catwalk and fashion magazine staff”.

This would seem to be a bit of a hazardous statement to make considering all his colleagues will be white….some may be offended by his remarks.In Ghana…where he is originally from,…. a hypothetical Ghanaian Vogue would naturally be blacked out.


The fashion industry is TOTALLY controlled by Jews….top to bottom.Even many of the top models are Jews….like Kate Moss.Anna Wintour in NY is a jewess for example.The sister of Samantha Cameron is involved in the industry…The Cameron’s are crypto Jews descended from Jewish bankers….part of the hidden Jewish elite which rules Britain….and that includes the Windsor creeps.

OKAY….here is what fools people…The Jews who control the fashion industry LOOK WHITE….like Wintour or Moss…they look white but they are JEWS.Now Jews are always happy to hear statements like that uttered by the new black editor….INFACT THEY ENCOURAGE IT….So blackie is on very safe ground…there are hardly any “whites” in the business….probably less than 25%…Those that are will be 100% politically correct…in accordance with the Jews wishes in other words.


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