Daily Mail journalist…pulls a fast one

Sue Reid may or May not be be Jewish…but she is definitely signed up to the multiculturalist agenda.

She has just written an article about Sweden…..BUT starts off with a very well crafted lie.She says Sweden was a happy chirpy melting pot….before the bombings/truck attack.


Like the no go areas of Stockholm…is that the sort of happy she is talking about???.

So even while purportedly condemning the terrorist attack…SHE IS STILL ACTUALLY PROMOTING THE MULTICULTURALIST AGENDA…The crypto Jew Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May….DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING POST TERROR ATTACK IN LONDON.

They keep promoting multiculturalism…NO MATTER WHAT.

The Swedish Army needs to step in and take over the government….before Sweden is swamped with invaders…BUT…like in Britain and America….it is highly probable that the Swedish armed forces have a hugely disproportionate number of crypto Jews in the top positions…Generals in particular.

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