Not your average flipper…..

“Rehab Addict” is another one of those dreadfully pseudo happy house renovation sorta programmes…..screened on the American HGTV network.

“Rehab Addict” is hosted by a crypto jewess by the name of Curtis (or Coitus in NY accent).

Unbeknownst to the audience all the contractors she works with are fellow tribe members.

It’s all fake of course…The crocodile tears….often Coitus picks up a tool and pretends to be renovating….The work actually being carried out by flunkies.

MOST of the HGTV programmes have Jews fronting them including the two twats fronting Flip or Flop.

An exception being the program situated in Alaska….The great multicultural invasion of America brought about by the Jews…has yet to really hit home in Alaska….it’s too cold for a lot of them.As a result the people they have fronting this programme are NORMAL DECENT AMERICANS who are not full of shite…..

The Jewish owned and operated HGTV likes to feature couples of two different races…..just like the Daily Mail….which is owned by crypto jews…..

Is the media in America employed to advertise certain agendas?….without a shadow of a doubt.It’s like former Soviet propaganda…..used against its own citizens….but far more subtle.

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