The pathetic indoctrination show…”Madame Secretary”

Only Americans would take this stupid nonsense seriously.

The lead actor Tea Leonie is of course a jewess….that goes without saying.She was married to the “sex addict” (“he is receiving treatment”  ….celebrity magazines assure their readers) David Duchovny (or something like that) famous for his role in more Jewish made nonsense …TheXFiles.

Both of the above Jews could be regarded as being from the Jewish elite in America…Jews from this background like to flit around espousing various causes….whatever takes their whim.You might find them fronting U.N. stuff in Africa for example.(Like the UJP [“utter Jewish prick]…Gorgeous-George and his matchstick thin pseudo Muslim lawyer wife)

They are such WANKERS….and the acting on Madame Secretary is formulaic ……The fucking cunts look as though they have just attended an acting class….”Using glasses as an acting prop”.The zio-twat Tea is FOREVER adjusting and readjusting her spectacles.

What about the token Muslim…played by a Jew….As a renown Times film critic mentioned…”he is the spitting image of the once popular golliwog”….a patently ridiculous character.

What about the preposterous president…played by a Jew of course.He attempts to portray the American president as a person to be taken seriously…..when everyone living outside the US KNOWS….that American presidents these days are a pathetic collection of oddballs and fakes….who should be taken seriously only on the grounds of the threat they pose to the lives of millions of people.They are like the trash emperors of the closing stages of the Roman Empire.

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