Australian media Jews mock Pauline Hanson….The attacks are unrelenting.

This time it was about Hanson’s suggestion that Aussie Christians boycott halal certified chocolate.

The Jews then lined up a Muslim to further mock Hanson on TV.

How do these Jewish scumbags get away with this…..

Simple…..Jews appear similar to Australian europeans…..most viewers have no idea they are JEWS.Therefore the public think….they are of the same ethnicity as Hanson….

Take the Australian Prime Minister…90% of Australians would be under the impression he is of the European race…..rather than Jewish,like his mate Morrison.

Jews form an hostile Trojan horse within Australian society and the more power they get the WORSE they become…Christianity in particular comes under constant “assault” by Jews….It is time Jews in the media were identified and told to fuck off.

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