Ed Sheeran….The copper headed crypto who conned a generation.

Sheehan is no more able than many buskers you see around London….probably less able.

He has got a head start of course…he is a crypto Jew….this fact opens doors.

Ginger nuts Ed has just been successfully taken to court for plagiarism….when he should have been taken to court for crimes against music.

The stuff he produces is maudlin boring crap that you have heard a thousand times before.

All of this proves that you can make anyone a successful pop star…with the right marketing and sufficient amounts of tattooing which is regarded by morons as the very epitome of cool.

No one ever went broke underestimating the pommy PC proletariat….If only the ginger headed twat would promote revolution or something with his songs….at least that way the British Secret Police,MI5 might be tempted to destroy his career…

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