Reggie Yates….don’t jump to the wrong conclusions.

Reggie Yates makes pc sort of documentaries….He is perhaps mostly known for his “documentary” on “Extreme Russia”……

Now reggie has an interesting ancestry…95% of people will assume Reggie is simply the offspring of an immigrant brought into Britain by the Jews….from Africa or the Caribbean.

His surname YATES….gives a pointer,because “Yates” is very often a Jewish surname (see Paula Yates once married to the well known ¬†charity thief and Jew Bob Geldof)

Reggie attended secondary school in North London….another indicator…since North London is full of Jews.

All in all….it looks like there is more to Reggie Yates than meets the eye….The REASON he works in the media is because he is very likely to have the crucial Jewish ancestry….The passport to working in the media….

Naturally Reggie can be relied apon to push the Jews “racism programme”….he for one is benefiting from it….providing employment etc.

Keep in mind that throughout history moves to reduce or remove Jewish influence over countries where they grew powerful….has NEVER come from the indigenous elite….but always from the “masses”‘…like the current masses in America who have been directly harmed by policies enacted by the Jews who control Washingstein….job offshoring and mass alien immigration….gigantic thefts from banks…involvement in Israel’s wars in the Middle East.

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