The Guardian is getting pathetic-er every month.

The Guardian is a Jewish owned and operated newspaper.

Previously it used to be concerned about things like worker exploitation and inequality of wealth….stuff like that…now the stupid cunts have an obsession about race,racism and gender issues stupid stuff like this.

The Jews have “journalists”whose sole preoccupation is with “white racism”…that’s ‘ow they earn a living.One of their most important “journalists” in this field is Chubby Checker Gary Younge….he is a right pain in the butt…..If life is so bad in the racist West why doesn’t he go back to West Africa and live a white racism free… life.

There’s another one of the Jews Lawn Jockey racism complainers….a Stephen Thrasher.The headline was “can Asians feel safe flying on airlines in America”….which of course is TOTALLY PATHETIC.He would not be asking the same question…..After an Asian from Malaysia was attacked by marauding blacks in London during the rioting…which made world wide headlines.

None of these professional victims of white racism would get a hearing UNLESS the media was owned by Jews.Still they ain’t that stupid….they don’t bite the hand that feeds them….You’ll notice that articles about Jewish racism against blacks are few and far between….they know if they go too far they’ll meet the same fate as the US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney…their are limits on racism exposés………

Noticeably….when Theresa May was dining at the Parliaments restaurant last week and attempted to make a lame joke about the South African parliament restaurant….calling it a Kaffir-teria NO mention was made of this notorious incident…..Chubby Younge was probably otherwise predisposed…perhaps quaffing champagne on yet another business class flight across the Atlantic on a quest to find racism incidents in the US.


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